Third-party reproduction

Third-party reproduction doesn’t need to be complicated. Dr Tween can help you achieve the family you dream of, whether conception is by donor sperm, donor egg or surrogacy. Plus, she can offer pragmatic family building advice for the LGBTQIA+ community.

The phrase ‘third-party reproduction’ or ‘donor-assisted reproduction’ refers to human reproduction in which DNA or gestation is provided by a third party or donor other than the one or two parents who will raise the resulting child. It could include conception with donor sperm or donor egg. Surrogacy applies when a separate woman carries the pregnancy for the intending parents. It’s applicable when a woman has a serious medical condition that prevents her from carrying a pregnancy herself, for a single man or for homosexual male couples.

Third-party reproduction was once considered to be socially, ethically and legally complex, but societal norms have shifted dramatically over the past few decades and this form of conception is increasingly gaining in acceptance. Dr Tween loves to help couples dealing with fertility issues and members of the LGBTQIA+ community realise their dreams of having a family, and this makes her work as a fertility specialist in Canberra ultra-rewarding.


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